As a law firm, SarisLaw specialises in administrative law and handles cases concerning supervision, enforcement and prevention.


SarisLaw advises and assists companies, institutions and their directors through investigations carried out by the regulators (such as Netherlands Labour Authority, Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate, Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets, De Nederlandsche Bank, Dutch Data Protection Authority, Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets, Dutch Safety Board, environment agencies and municipal authorities).

Regulators have wide-ranging, powers and their investigations often lead to enforcement actions. It is therefore important to know what to do and what not to do during these investigations. SarisLaw can help you with:

  • requests for information
  • support during interviews and hearings
  • assessing and drawing up reports (including drafts), investigation findings and cause analyses
  • consultions with regulators
  • implementing recommendations


SarisLaw advises and litigates when a regulator takes or threaten to take enforcement actions, or when enforcement is demanded by other (market) parties. Enforcement actions range from fines, orders subject to penalties for non-compliance, administrative enforcement orders, instructions, publication of sanctions, demands for compliance, withdrawal of a license, and collection.

Administrative law today is a complex maze, with many procedures; SarisLaw can help you find your way through. Our support covers the following areas:

  • proceedings: drawing up opinions, objection procedures (drawing up notices of appeal, attending hearings) and proceedings before the administrative court (objections, appeals and summary proceedings)
  • enforcement requests
  • collection
  • payment arrangement
  • strategic communication
  • negotiating with regulators (requesting postponement, anonymising decisions)


It is often better to prevent litigation than to seek resolution. SarisLaw provides advice and assistance to companies and institutions on preventing legal disputes. Our support covers the following areas:

  • internal review
  • contractual solutions
  • liability
  • training and education
  • developing/adapting protocols and instructions
  • translating and implementing recommendations given by the regulator into your business operations